Things To Know About Rafael Nadal -

Things To Know About Rafael Nadal

The world of Tennis has always been exciting. From long hours of practice to the quick movements on the ground, everything enthrals the audience. On such player that has earned a great name in the world of Tennis is Rafael Nadal. The player is known as the King of Clay among his fans. The player has quite responsive skills in the clay court. Here are some of the facts that you did not know about the player.

Early Life Of Rafeal Nadal

Born on June 3 of 1986, Rafael Nadal made a very rapid move in the world of Tennis. It was his uncle, Toni Nadal, a former professional Tennis player who sparked the love for Tennis from very early childhood. Rafael was only three when he started training for his career in Tennis. At the age of eight, Nadal won an under 12 regional tennis tournament. It was this victory that boosted the confidence of his mentor to move forward in the sport. Toni Nadal helped Rafael to enhance his game. Rafael was just 12 when he won the European and Spanish titles. By 15, Rafael was already a professional tennis player.

Things To Know About Rafael Nadal
Things To Know About King Of Clay

The “King Of Clay”

By the time Nadal was 16, Rafael had made it to the semifinals of Boys’ Singles tournament. The event was hosted in Wimbledon and was the stepping stone of Nadal’s success. At 17, Nadal was the youngest male to reach the third round at Wimbledon. Nadal then won the French Open in the very first event he completed. He was just 19 when he won the tournament. Then, his ranking of the tennis champion boosted to number three. He won 11 titles in the competition.  Eight of the claims were on the clay. This feat helped him earn the title the “King of Clay” among his fans and followers.

Personal Life Of Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal has been quite secretive regarding his relationships. He has been long dating his girlfriend, Xisca Perello. It was 2005 when the couple started their journey together. It was in January of 2019 when the couple revealed that they were engaged. Xisca now serves as the project director of Rafael Nadal Foundation.

Rafael Nadal Life Off The Court

Things To Know About Rafael Nadal
Things To Know About Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal has made a quite name in the field. From winning series and getting recognised for a long list of victories, Nadal experience is life to the fullest. Meanwhile, living off the court is also quite interesting for the star. Rafael has a sports centre of his own in his hometown. The place has some of the instructors in the world and has facilities like a sports residence, a fitness centre, a café among many other things.


Rafael Nadal has lived a super successful life, and the sport has helped him to gain name and fame in every nook and corner of the world. From naming asteroids on his name to calling sports centres on his name, the star has achieved everything — the athlete known for his aggression in the sport. The star has found several ways to lift the life of socially backward communities.

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