Interesting Life Story Of Andre Agassi

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About Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi was born in April 29, 1970, who is a retired American tennis professional. He was a former number one player of the world. Therefore after his retirement also, the sports BBC recognized him. He was called the greatest service returner. Agassi won the Grand Slam tournament eight times in singles.

All  About  Andre  Kirik  Agassi
All About Andre Kirik Agassi

The Start Of  His Career

When he first arrived many people thought whether there was any substance in him because he had a very flashy outer look. Agassi won his first competition in1987 followed by a win at Wimbledon which was his first Grand Slam title in 1992. This way he silenced all his critics. In the early of his career he won many more Grand Slams after the win at Wimbledon like the U.S Open, the Australian Open etcetera. He won a gold medal in the Summer Olympics of 1996.

All  About  Andre  Kirik  Agassi
All About Andre Kirik Agassi

About His Career Comeback

In the year 1997 it was a tough patch for him since he failed to win any tournaments that year. But eventually he made an impressive comeback in the year 1999 by winning two Grand Slams that year namely the U.S. Open and the French Open. And from then on he remained focused, which helped him to go on winning.

He won the Australian Open in 2000, 2001 and in 2003. By 2006 several health issues had begun and since he was born with spinal abnormality he had to withdraw from many competitions due to back pain. Agassi had fought for one more Grand Slam after that, which he could not win.

Finally he ended his career and said goodbye in 2006 after losing a match to Benjamin Becker. After the completion of the last match in which he lost he said an emotional goodbye to all his fans who had gone to watch him play for the very last time.

His Life After The End Of His Career

Agassi is a very dedicated philanthropist and spends time on working on educational programs and initiatives. Agassi had created the Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation way back in the year 1994. This charitable foundation provides educational opportunities and recreational activities for the children who are at risk in southern Nevada. His foundation had raised funds in order to start the Andre Agassi College Preparatory School. This school opened in 2001 in west Las Vegas. Agassi later in the year 2001 had married a fellow tennis player Steffi Graf .

He has two children and is very devoted to his family. The couple together has teamed up the Under Tennis Program and the U.S. Association’s 10. In 2011, he was introduced into the International Tennis Hall Of Fame.
Agassi gained a lot of fame starting from the late 90’s. Even though he faced a lot of problem in the initial stage of his career he later gained so much of fame that people still remember him years after his retirement.

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