How To Play Tennis Properly

Whether you want to play Tennis or understand the game, you need to know the tennis rules for sure. The rules are a little confusing to remember at first but eventually become comfortable. In this article, you will know in brief about the rules for a tennis game.

1. Common Tennis Rules

The tennis rules for doubles and singles are different, whereas some general rules remain the same. Some of the general rules are:

  • The ball must drop inside the court to continue the game. If the ball goes out of the court, then the player loses a point.
  • No player can cross the nets and go to the opponent’s side. They do not have permission even to touch the nets.
  • Players cannot catch the ball on their racquets. Carrying a ball is also prohibited.
  • You cannot hit the ball twice with your racquet.
  • Until the ball comes into your court, you cannot hit it.
  • If you cannot hit the ball after one bounce, then you lose a point.
  • When players throw the racquet in aggression, then there is a penalty. If a player gives any verbal abuse, a penalty happens.
  • The service hit must bounce once before the opponent can return it.
Necessary Tennis Rules For A Healthy Game
Necessary Tennis Rules For A Healthy Game

2. Essential Equipment

  • Racquet – The main asset of a tennis player is a racquet. It consists of a frame, strings and a handle. The strings are in a weaving pattern and make a strong hitting base. The frame stays within 32 inches, and the handle length must be 12.5 inches.
  • Ball – A tennis ball comes in two colours, yellow or white. They come with measurements of 2½ inches and weigh no more than 2 ounces.
  • Scoring rules in Tennis
  • Point table– The game commences depending upon points. The points increase from 0 to 15 to 30 to 40 and game.
  • Game rules– Each game has 4 points to win. When you win a game, you go ahead with 4 points.
  • Set rules– 6 games make a set. A player wins a set if he/she is first to reach six games with leading with more than 2 points.
  • Advantage set– A game comes to a tie, when both the players will reach 6-6 games. Advantage set acts as a tiebreaker. A player can win with two lead points.
  • Match Rules– According to the tennis rules, A winner evaluation is done by best of 3 or 5 sets.
  • Deuce– Deuce is essential if there is a score draw, i.e. 40-40. A player needs to win two consecutive points to win the set.
Necessary Tennis Rules For A Healthy Game
Necessary Tennis Rules For A Healthy Game

3. The Toss

Either flipping of coins or a racquet spin is done to determine the player who will serve first. One who wins the toss gets a chance to select to serve or to choose sides. The other player who lost will get the left out option.

These are basic tennis rules that are essential for a game, and if you want to learn Tennis or understand it, then you need to get thorough with the rules

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