How To Choose Your Tennis Socks - Choosing The Right Socks For You How To Choose Your Tennis Socks - Choosing The Right Socks For You

How To Choose Your Tennis Socks

How to choose your tennis socks

Tennis has a lot to do with running around the court and chasing balls. Footwork and constant movement thus become very crucial in the game. Choosing the right tennis socks thus becomes is very important to play well and succeed in the sport. The right tennis socks have both comfort and durability. They also need to be good in quality in order to ensure no feet allergies and blisters occur. Here is what you need to keep in mind while getting yourself good socks for tennis sessions. 

Choosing Right Tennis Socks; Comfort and Cushion

Comfortable Socks

Tennis is a game of endurance. You need to battle it out for long hours on the court. This means that while choosing the right tennis socks and shoes carry vital importance. Popular brands like Nike, Drymax, etc. give the highest priority to comfort. If the socks are not comfortable enough, your running speed and chasing down the opponent’s shots will be restricted. This will reduce the chances of winning matches. It is advised to ensure your socks are comfortable enough so that you can sprint around the court like a Novak Djokovic.

Cushion is another important element to consider while choosing right tennis socks. Sports socks by nature are expected to have a sort of buffer to reduce shocks and abruptions while diving, sliding and running across the court. Thus while choosing you tennis socks see that they have good amount of cushion. This ensures your feet do not tire in long matches and training sessions. 

Choosing Right Tennis Socks; Material  

Socks Material

A few years down the line, most people would go with cotton while choosing the right socks.  While cotton sports socks may be cost-effective, it does not have very effective sweat absorbing capacity. Cotton Socks also tend to lose their shape very quickly, thus needing to be replaced. They have thus been replaced by other most popular alternatives 

These days most manufacturers have come with alternate versions of synthetic material socks like acrylic. These have much better moisture absorbing capacity and thus ensure the sweat from your feet during matches in is absorbed fast. They also have a better fit on the feet and don’t tend to lose their shape easily. These sports socks also ensure a better fit on the feet. 

Choosing Right Socks; Padding and Compression

Most tennis players use ankle length socks. This has many advantages as it ensures that proper padding on the lower part of legs. Thus while running or diving while chasing the balls, you don’t hurt your lower legs. The padding also ensures increased amount of breathability and compression. 

They will ensure better blood circulation and also prevents building up of fatigue associated lactic acid around the legs and feet.  In addition these compression based socks prevent legs and feet from getting fatigued. Thus choosing the best socks will give you a sort of strategic advantage over the opponent.  That is why most of the popular brands manufacturing tennis socks go for more padded ones that give arch support and have compression. They simply add to the player’s comfort and consequent performance improvement. 

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