How The Court Affects The Gameplay

There are different types of tennis courts differing in speed and bounce of the ball in the court. It is beneficial for beginners or young players to try out different types of tennis courts to improve their versatility. Each type of court is famous in some part of the world. The best place for youngsters or beginners to experience gameplay in all these courts is summer training. Mostly some organizations who conduct summer training usually have different tennis courts to give a taste to the players. In this article, you will know about the different types of tennis courts and the characteristics that categorize them.

Grass Tennis Courts

Grass courts are not very commonly preferable by the players and the associations. It is so because grass courts demand high maintenance. The players avoid playing on this turf because the ball would bounce faster on a slippery grass surface. Grass tennis courts are available in very fewer places throughout the world. If you wish to play in a grass court, then find one and test your skills.

Clay Tennis Courts

How Do Different Types Of Tennis Courts Affect The Gameplay?
How Do Different Types Of Tennis Courts Affect The Gameplay?

Clay Courts are way more common when you compare it with Grass courts. It does not use all of the clay for construction of these courts. Construction process requires crushed bricks for making a red clay court. Green clay courts use metabasalt for the construction. Clay courts allow balls to bounce at a slower pace, giving the players a chance to time their shot perfectly. Along with a slow pace, the ball bounces higher as well allowing players to provide a powerful swing.

Hard Courts

The most common courts used worldwide are hard tennis courts made of asphalt or concrete. The ball bounces at a fast rate but also gives the great height of the bounce. Hard courts are capable of providing predictable games.  Predictable because the bounce of the ball can be judged, and the player can practice different skill sets.

Indoor, Carpet Or Synthetic Courts

In tennis, the carpet courts are the temporary removable courts. Carpet courts come in different thickness and materials. In these courts, the ball usually bounces low and fast.

Different Properties Of Tennis Courts

How Do Different Types Of Tennis Courts Affect The Gameplay?
How Do Different Types Of Courts Affect The Gameplay?

Many courts allow players to experience a different kind of play styles. Some properties depending upon court types that put an impact on the gameplay are:

  • In slow courts, the ball bounces slowly but bounces to a great height. It allows the players to time their shots ideally. Slower courts usually give longer matches eventually tiring the players. Players need to move all around their courts to get the ball, and this gives very slow scoring matches.
  • In fast courts, the ball bounces fast but fails to obtain height. It eventually forces the players to react more quickly to the ball. The ball speed will not give you the time you need. Faster courts make the players aggressive for the game. Great point scoring games can be seen in fast courts.

Different types of tennis courts can put a lot of impact on the game, and the court needs to be beneficial for the players for an enjoyable game.

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