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Alexander Zverev: To Know

The world of tennis is growing every day. Professional athletes like Alexander Zverev are trying to make a mark in the field of tennis. No matter where you are, the competition for being a professional player is rising every day. Speaking of tennis, how can one forget about the tennis star Alexander Zverev. The German professional player has already made a name in the professional game by winning three Masters Titles by the age of 21. Apart from that, the player holds the title of the youngest player in ATP top 20. Here are a few things about the player that will arouse the tennis player within you.

The Early Life

Alexander Zverev comes from a family of professional tennis players. The athlete is a proud son of Alexander Sr and Irina. While Alexander Sr. was on the field for a long time, his mother, Irina is a tennis coach by profession. Alexander or Sascha as he is commonly known as in his family, was born on April 20, 1997. He has an elder sibling who is also a prominent figure in the sports industry. His father, Alexander Sr.  played for the Soviet Union.

Facts To Know About Alexander Zverev
Facts To Know About Alexander Zverev

Beginning Of The Alexander Zverev Journey

Coming from a family of professional tennis players, Alexander Zverev started his training as soon as he could lift his bat. The athlete started training at the tender age of five and followed Roger Federer as his role model. In 1991, the family moved to Germany, and he started coaching under his father. In 2013, the player started coaching under the famous coach Jez Green. Currently, the player trains in Florida and resides primarily in Monte Carlo. His love for sports not limited to tennis. The player loves to play basketball as a hobby.

Alexander Zverev’s  Brother

Alexander Zverev has an elder brother with whom the star has played numerous games. The elder brother, Mischa, was born on August 22, 1987. In the year 2017, Mischa achieved a global rank of 33. Both the brothers have excelled in their careers. They are not limited to singles, both of them have played doubles together. Mischa has his records. In 2017, the athlete defeated the world’s number one champion before losing to Roger Federer.

Alexander Zverev Personal Life

Facts To Know About Alexander Zverev
Facts To Know About Alexander Zverev

Alexander Zverev is famous for his good looks. The charming looks of the star make him an all-time favourite among his female fans. The story does not end here; Alexander Zverev has also been hooked up with several ladies. The social media channels of Alexander contain pictures of the star with Roman Lecureux. The couple has come into highlight multiple times, but the individuals never replied to any of the rumours. Apart from that, the star is rumoured to be with Belinda Bencic. Belinda is a professional tennis player from Switzerland. But again, both the players have maintained silence on their relationship status.


Though, this professional tennis athlete is young but has lived his life to the fullest. Besides ming from a family of a professional tennis player, Alexander Zverev received training for years that helped him achieve name and fame.

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