Tennis Rackets Characteristics

If you are a professional or aspiring tennis player, you must take the idea of the types of tennis rackets. When you choose a tennis racket, you must take care of certain properties. These properties include length, weight, materials, frame stiffness, and head size. There are more than 20 brands that deal with high-class tennis rackets. It will be a treat for the tennis players to get a variety of option to choose from. In this article, you will know about different types of tennis rackets and which one to choose amongst all.

Power Tennis Rackets

You might know the benefits of its name. A power tennis racket allows you to strike the ball with more power by giving in less effort. It is most preferable by beginners and is available in different categories. Power racket helps the beginners to learn proper technique and build their strength or power to play tennis efficiently. Small players often prefer for a power racket.

Different Types Of Tennis Rackets And Characteristics Of A Tennis Racket
Different Types Of Tennis Rackets And Characteristics Of A Tennis Racket

Characteristics Of A Power Tennis Racket

  • They have a big racket head, and it is so for a couple of reasons. The bigger the head of the racket more is the power output. Great racket head also provides a larger hitting surface.
  • Length of the racket is more. It is essential as it allows a player to swing the racket giving it more power while hitting efficiently.
  • The stiff frames of a power tennis racket support fast rebound of the ball when it hits the surface.
  • Light construction makes it light-weight and easy to swing, hit, and flaunt.

Control Tennis Racket

Different Types Of Tennis Rackets And Characteristics Of A Tennis Racket
Different Types Of Tennis Rackets And Characteristics Of A Tennis Rackets

After you have built your base technique using power tennis racket, you can now jump to control one. These rackets mostly deal with developing your control over the noise while hitting the ball. You must be able to place the ball as per your game-plan. To do that, you need to have proper control over your racket. Control rackets are therefore necessary for every tennis player, whether learning or professional.

Characteristics Of Control Racket

  • They have a smaller head generating less power but more control. It is a player’s racket, and you need to hit accurate shots to develop control.
  • Length is also less than a power racket — less swing possibility of developing more control.
  • Stiffness is less, and the control rackets are more flexible. Flexibility allows the ball to stay on the racket for a longer time.
  • They are heavier than power rackets.

Tweener Rackets

These are all-rounder rackets, and its specifications lie between control and power rackets. A tweener tennis racket gives enough power to the player as well as the control. Professional or beginners can use this type to learn, play, and grow. 

Characteristics Of Tweener Rackets

  • Tweener rackets have mid-size heads.
  • They also come with a medium-sized length.
  • The frame is semi-stiff     
  • They are slightly heavier than power rackets.

These are different types of tennis racket available, and if you are willing to buy a tennis racket, t go through the characteristics and choose the best.

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