Best Of The Right Tennis Shoes - How Right Tennis Shoes Help You Perform Best Of The Right Tennis Shoes - How Right Tennis Shoes Help You Perform

Best Of The Right Tennis Shoes

Best The Right Tennis Shoes

Tennis games involve a lot of running and awkward balance. For most tennis players the choice of good tennis shoes is very critical. Furthermore, the shoes will influence your speed during the training sessions as well as the matches. This, in turn, impacts your ball chasing and court coverage abilities. So, with the right pair of shoes, you will definitely find yourself a step ahead of your opponent.

Here are the essential things you need to consider once you decide to buy yourself a pair of tennis shoes. 


Best The Right Tennis Shoes
Best The Right Tennis Shoes

The style of your game will influence the type of tennis shoe you should wear while stepping on the court. If you are a baseline counterpuncher like Rafael Nadal, you need a shoe that offers more lateral support. Baseline players mostly involve side to side action and need the support of the lateral side. 

On the other hand, if you play a classical attacking style of serve and volley, then get a tennis shoe with toe-cap support. This is because serve and volley impart more stress on the toe and front part of the feet. You thus need a tennis shoe with extra durability on the frontal side. 


The nature of playing surface or tennis courts is another important factor behind the choice of your tennis shoes. Playing on hard courts will need more durable and long-lasting shoes. This is because the wear and tear of your footwear will be getting much more used on hard courts. These courts also ensure a quick loss of traction. Thus, for playing on hard courts, you should get tennis shoes of materials like leather and with proper knobs and bumps.

On clay and grass courts, durability may not be an issue. These courts are soft in nature and thus there is less wear and tear on the shoe. Here, trainers generally advise soft and flat tennis shoes. 


Best The Right Tennis Shoes
Best The Right Tennis Shoes

This may sound a bit heavy and technical but we will make it simple for you. Athletic feet are generally classified into 3 categories. These are Neutral, Pronated and Supinated. There is a small test by the name “Wet test” to determine your feet type. Hence, you need to wet your foot and put them on some surface or paper. It will create a mark of the lower part of your foot. Observe the gap between the ball of your feet and the heel of your feet. 

A large gap between the ball and heel indicates Supinated feet. So, you must then go for flexible tennis shoes, as they will experience maximum wear and tear between heels and toes. Furthermore, if there is no gap between heel and the ball, it means you have Pronated feet. Thus, you will experience more wear and tear on the front side, and you must go for durable and stabilizing tennis shoes.  The gap less than Supinated and more than Pronated indicates normal feet type where you can go for any shoe type.

This is the basic information you should consider once you go out to buy yourself a pair of tennis shoes. Get the ones that suit your feet and game to avoid injuries and ensure comfort. 

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