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Tennis is perhaps that one sport which we have played at some point in time. When one thinks of tennis he or she happens to talk of the French Open and the Australian Open. Tennis Australia is a very popular game all around the world.

What Are Some Of The Interesting Facts Of Tennis
What Are Some Of The Interesting Facts Of Tennis

The Australian Open by Tennis Australia’s primary purpose is to promote tennis and organized tournaments. This should be both on the domestic as well as international levels. It is the most significant governing body in Australia in tennis. This organization has its headquarters in Melbourne.

Most tennis enthusiasts will immediately know of the Australian Open, which is the most discussed topic. However, there are some other tournaments organized by Tennis Australia that are also good.

Brisbane International

In 2009 this tournament came into being. It occurs on hard courts outdoor. As the name suggests, the play takes place in Brisbane and is hosted annually in January at the Queensland Tennis Center. The current champions of the tournament in the men’s and women’s single categories are Kei Nishikori and Karolína Plíšková respectively.

Hobart International

This tournament also occurs at the Hobart International Tennis Centre. Tennis Australia owns them. It is a professional women-only tournament. They are a part of the Women’s Tennis Association. It takes place during the weeks leading to the first Grand Slam tournament in the year. Chan Hao-Ching and Latisha Chan are 2019 singles champion and also the doubles champions.

World Tennis Australia Challenge

This is an exhibition tournament spanning throughout three nights and occurs before the Australian Open at Adelaide. This tournament requires teams of two and there are a total of four teams each. So there is a “legend” and a current player. They represent the country they come from. The legends play a pro set whereas the current players play a best of three matches.

Sydney International

They earlier called it the Championship of New South Wales or the New South Wales Open and supervised by Tennis’s Australia. This is possibly one of the oldest tournaments of tennis in the world. The current champion of the tournament in the men’s single category is Alex de Minaur. The champion in the women’s single category is Petra Kvitová.

Hopman Cup

This tournament is an indoor hard court tournament held by them and is at Perth annually. It has eight mixed-gender teams all of whom represent their own countries in the tournament. This tournament has been named after Harry Hopman. He is an Australian tennis player and coach and leads the country to win fifteen Davis Cup titles. The current Hopman Cup title lies with Switzerland.

These then are some of the other tournaments held by Tennis Australia. They are held in the run-up to the Grand Slam and stand to be popular. The Australian Open series is an important part of the tennis sport.

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Automatic tennis trainer
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