Tennis Wimbledon Tournament

All About The Tennis Wimbledon Tournament

About It

The Tennis Wimbledon Tournament is one of the four and the oldest of the Grand Slam tennis tournaments. It is played in Wimbledon situated in England, Great Britain. This is an unique one because it is played on a grass court. This tournament takes place once every year in the months of June and July. The tournament is played by both men and women mainly by single players known as singles or with partners known as doubles.

Basic Rules Of Tennis One Should Know
Basic Rules Of Tennis One Should Know

Events And Schedule

The Tennis Wimbledon Tournament has a total of 16 events out of which five of them are main events and four junior events and the remaining seven are invitation events.

Every year the tournament begins in the last Monday of June two weeks after the end of Queens Club Championships and together with the Gerry Weber Opens. Although since 2015 it has begun one week  later than the previous years.

Total Number Of Players And About Seeding

The singles of both men and women consists of 128 players in total. In case of doubles they are admitted to the main events on the basis of each players international rankings that is 104 entries into the men’s competition and 108 into the ladies’ competition and in both singles and doubles they have eight wild card entrants. Now, seeding was a system introduced in 1924. It allows counties to nominate four players who were placed in different quarters of the draw. But this system was replaced in the year 1927 and since then the players were seeded only on merit.

About The Cloths And The Etiquettes

The umpires and linesmen have to wear a dark green clothing and the players wear all white.

As per the etiquettes followed, if the Queen is present in the audience then all the players have to bow to her. Years back the female players had their names announced with a “Miss” or “Mrs” though that was changed in the 2009’s tournament and instead only their surnames are used now.

About The Trophies And The Prize Money Given

The trophies are usually presented by the Duke Of Kent. In the gentleman’s single they are presented with a guilt cup. In the ladies single they are presented with a sterling silver salver which is  known as “Venus Rosewater Dish”. The winners in the gentlemen doubles and the ladies doubles and the mixed doubles receives silver cups and each player receives it unlike other tournaments and the runners up of each event receives an inscribed silver plate.Prize money is given to all categories of players and they vary accordingly.

All  About  The  Tennis  Wimbledon  Tournament
All About The Tennis Wimbledon Tournament


Unlike all other sports, tennis players are not paid and they have to earn only by playing tournaments like these. Therefore the Tennis Wimbledon Tournament is one of the most prestigious tournaments held once a year where the players play and earn a good price money. The Tennis Wimbledon Tournament 2019 is about to begin in the month of July where players of different countries will be participating and competing against one another.

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