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3 Things to Learn about Tennis Recruiting Star

Tennis Recruiting is a prestigious site where kids are ranked based on their performances. The ranking happens separately and differently from the “United States Tennis Association” (UTSA). TennisRecruiting.net gives awards named “Top Prospect Accolades” to the best players and the best of the best players are called ‘Blue Chips.’ 

There are also 5 Star, 4 Star, 2 Star and each star has a distinctive meaning and a way to get them. So, for those of us who are unaware of the world of Tennis or not so competent about Tennis, this article is for you. The article can also be useful to the experienced ones to refresh their memory. Now, let’s delve into this. 

Definition of Tennis Recruiting

If your kid wants to be in college tennis then Tennis Recruiting Network is the most significant place you have to start with. They will not represent your kids in front of the college coaches but it will help them understand their place among their peers. 

  • Instead of ranking points per each round like the USTA, the ranking system in Tennis Recruiting follows head to head structure. 
  • Though the ranking happens within the graduation year of high schools if a kid wins outside of their class then that counts to the ranking too.  
  • This ranking system helps you, your kid and the recruiting system to know where they stand if they play an unlucky match or play against a higher ranking player.
  • In the first round, the head to head system compels you to play against much higher ranking players but if you lose, you won’t be penalized. However, when you lose against a lower-ranking player then the penalty is far greater than that of the USTA.

How does it Work

The Tennis Ranking Star ranking system is a bit complicated.

  • The Stars are distributed twice a year in mid- March and mid-September to the top eight hundred ranked players. They should be in a school year to be identified and labelled as the best players of that year.
  • The Recruiting ratings depended on the top two rankings throughout the eight weeks on the “College Recruiting Lists.”
  • The threshold to be on the list is,
    •  Rank 601- 800: 1 Star
    •  Rank 401-600: 2 Star
    •  Rank 201-400: 3 Star
    •  Rank 76-200: 2 Star
    • Rank 26-75: 5 Star
    • Rank 1-25: Bluechip

If a player reaches one of these ranking labels twice then he or she is granted that label.  

How to be in the Tennis Recruiting Rank

There is only one way to achieve that Star in the Tennis Recruiting system and that is to compete in as many tournaments as possible. The player can be better by defeating the offenders and practising their game by playing Tennis on the real court.

The eligibility criteria require the player to play at least in three eligible tournaments for the ranking system over that one year. Also, the player must win at least three matches in those tournaments to be in the rating list.  


If your child wants to play international tennis then Tennis Recruiting is the way to begin that journey, It not only prepares the player for the future but also boosts his or her confidence to play against any odds and in any condition.

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