Tennis World: 10 Facts

Tennis is a world-class game and has many facts that will surprise you. From the origination of tennis to today’s date, there are some interesting facts about the tennis world that you must know. In this article, you will know about some of the real facts about the tennis world.

Origin Of Tennis

Before the commencing of Lawn tennis, a game of ‘Jeu de paume’ was known for using palms instead of the racquets of today. It was the game of France in the 12th century. This game is known as the ancestor of tennis.

Ten Unbelievable Facts About The Tennis World
Ten Unbelievable Facts About The Tennis World

World’s Oldest Court Of Tennis

The first and most former tennis court are still hosting tennis games. The construction of the Royal Court in London was done in 1526. It is an indoor court, and the rules here are little different calling it the ‘real tennis’ — this court built by Henry VIII to fulfil his desire for tennis.

History Of Clock Face Scoring System

Ten Unbelievable Facts About The Tennis World
Ten Unbelievable Facts About The Tennis World

The scoring pattern of 15 to 30 to 40 has a mystery. The origin of the scoring pattern was taken from the clock. 15 is the 1st quarter mark of a clock, and then 30 is the 2nd quarter mark. If the deciders took 45 as a point mark, it would be too long, so it is kept to 40.

Jimmy Connors’ Winning Trail

Jimmy Connors knew as one amongst the legendary players of the tennis world. He is the only player who deservingly won the US open on all three courts. He won it first in the grass in 1974, then clay in 1976 and, the hardcourt in 1978.

Grand Slam Got Over In 34 Minutes – Tennis World

Steffi Graf in 1988 defeated Natasha Zvereva with complete embarrassment. Steffi won with 6-0, 6-0 and it took 34 minutes for Steffi to win this match.

A 13-year-Old Tennis Player At Wimbledon – Tennis World

Mita Kima became the youngest player ever to step into tennis. In 1907, she played her first tennis match in Wimbledon. She took part in a big tournament but had to go back after the first round itself.

Tennis Ball Stays For Only 20 Minutes Of Play In A Game

Though a proper tennis match takes more than 2 hours of game-play, the ball plays for only 20 minutes. The rest time is all taken by the breaks. Believe it or not, professionals have to finish the game within 20 minutes of ball play.

Yellow Tennis Balls

Yellow balls brought in by Mike Davies in 1972.  The idea for yellow balls came into notice because the yellow colour is more visible on TV broadcasting. They came into use in 1986 for the first time.

Origin Of A Tennis Court – Tennis World

Lawn tennis game initially plays in a court whose shape was the same as that of an hourglass. The dimension of the middle section of the court was 3 ft, and the posts were of 3.5 ft. Rectangular courts came into the tennis world in 1875.

A Grunt Of Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova’s winning scream is officially measured to be 101 decibels. It is higher than a lawn mowers sound. It is unbelievable, but now there are official proofs to it. Not only a lawn mower but 101 decibel is sounder than a small aircraft landing makes.

These are the ten facts of the tennis world that are quite shocking but true.

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